Jung U6KES Submersible




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Product type: Pump

Vendor: Jung

Tags: Domestic, submersible, Waste water



Jung U6KES Submersable pump

The Jung U6KES submersible drainage pump is ideal for both stationary and portable use. It can be used as a drainage pump for a wide range of situations such as for mildly contaminated waste and groundwater, rain water, drainage or sewage water, silage liquor and also liquid manure. The high quality mechanical seal also makes the pump suitable for extracting abrasive media, making this expertly designed pump incredibly versatile.

  • Continuous operation
  • Flushing device
  • Replaceable moisture sealed cable inlet
  • Low level pumping by removing the strainer base
  • SiC mechanical seal independent of rotation direction
  • Float included
  • 10/20 mm free passage with EIP technology
  • Voltage: 1/N/PE~230
  • Motor rating: P1 - 0.75kW,
  • Single phase
  • Current type: W-Strom
  • Current: 3.3A
  • Motor protection: internal
  • RPM: 2645 min-1

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