Reconditioned Pumps & Motors

Trust us to bring your old motor back to life

At A1 Pumps and Motors we understand that with all the correct care and maintenance, at some point, your old motor is going to need a little extra TLC. With over 30 years of collective experience, we have worked with a wide range of pump styles and brands, including repairs, maintenance and sales.

We have a glowing reputation and an ever growing list of hundreds of customers that we have helped along the way, so whether the motor needs a full recondition, repair or rewind, we are here to help.

The team at A1 Pumps and Motors are qualified motor rewinders. We offer specialist rewinding services for hermatic compressors and 2 speed motors, but have extensive knowledge of a wide range of pump and motor styles and brands. We can pick up and deliver motors up to 3.5 tonne where needed, so if your big pump or motor needs a little TLC, we are here to help!

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At A1 Pumps and Motors, we offer a range of reconditioned items as well as our wide range of brand new products. So if you think it’s time for a new pump or motor, but aren’t prepared to splash out on a new one, check out what we currently have available.

All of the reconditioned motors available for sale have been reconditioned/repaired in store by one of our experienced team members, and fully serviced before being given our tick of approval for resale.


30 Years experience

The team at A1 Pumps and Motors have over 30 years collective experience in all things pumps and motors. With an extensive knowledge of brands and styles, through repairs, maintenance and sales, you can rest assured your pumps and motors are in safe hands.

Qualified motor rewinders

A1 Pumps and Motors are qualified motor rewinders, with specialist services for hermatic compressors and 2 speed motors, plus a wide range of brands and styles of pumps/motors.

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