New Motors

Brooke Crompton "W Series"

Delivering quality and innovation for over a century, Brooke Crompton are leading the industry in manufacturing energy efficient electric motors. With their extensive experience in design expertise they consistently provide products with a focus on reliability, low lifetime cost and a low environmental impact.

To give you even more piece of mind, Brooke Crompton has installed stringent procedures to ensure quality and a long life motor is at the top of their priorities. The motors are built with quality procedures overseen throughout the initial design process until product completion. All of the motors built within the W Series are observed in accordance with the ISO9001 quality systems, which is another assurance that only the highest quality of product is on offer to you.

These motors are made to be used. With focused attention on low running costs through high efficiency design, high reliability for a long running life and low noise levels the W Series has everything you could need for a reliable pool pump motor.

The W Series is designed to suit a wide range of purposes, with lots of options to choose from to ensure you get the right motor to suit you. With variations in overall material, power outage and speeds, you can rest assured that you have the right motor for the job!


Cast Iron or Aluminium

The W Series is available in both cast iron and aluminium depending on its surrounding environment and mobility. Whilst the cast iron comes with a full 3 year warranty, the aluminium range is roughly ⅓ the weight of cast iron and has a higher resistance to corrosion.

Various pole speeds

Both the cast iron and aluminium models are available in a wide range of pole speed variations. Choose your motor from 2,4,6 or 8 pole speeds.

Range of power outputs

The W Series is available in a wide range of power outputs, making it even easier to choose the perfect motor for the job. By having this option you can confidently choose a motor with enough power for its intended use, and avoid overspending on a motor too big. The W Series is available from as little as 0.07kw up to 400kw