A1 Pumps and Motors are your specialists for submersible pumps for sales and maintenance in Auckland, New Zealand. The company also provides installation and repair services for all types of pumps.

If you're in Auckland and need Submersible Pumps sales and Maintenance then you have come to the right place. Some of our range includes the entry level Bianco JH400 Submersible right through to our speciality submersible pump the Tsurumi 50PUA2.75S Pump with Float. Its always best to ask our team of pump and motor experts before deciding which one is right for you. You can see our entire range here.


More people are turning to submersible pumps for home or business use as a more economical and sustainable way to manage water flow. These pumps are capable of pumping dirty, deep or even salt water with little to no maintenance required. They are also cost-effective and will save water by reducing the amount of evaporation on the surface.


If your in need of a submersible pump, new or reconditioned, or you have a pump that needs maintenance use our contact page to get in touch today.

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